Are you one-step forward kind of person and take the initiative in most cases. Daring to say no and ask those question no one thought about before …


Do you solve riddles yourself or do you check-in with a peer to validate the feasibility of your solution. Have you covered all angles by working together and pay respect to other ideas, proposals, directions, experience and knowledge …


Fast-forward thinking, composing solutions adaptively, drawing prototypes, schema’s, entity relations while keeping track of maintainability, support, usability like a 21st Century technology wizard


We are looking for you if you are a talented commercial and value driven professional enthousiast.

We are living the dream of a Salesforce evangelist. Expand your skills by adding value to customers. We provide the ground to unleash your creativity so feel free to have a open career conversation with us.

INT Salesforce developer

If you share a passion to develop ready-to-run solutions and willing to take a challenge to master the Salesforce catacombs of code.

We are open both experienced and fresh professionals to join our team.


Translating business requirements into clear stories is usually the first act when a project starts. It requires a special skillset to act as intermediate between the business and the tech-team. We operate in various industries and different business. If you eager to master or extend these skills please contact us.

INT SCRUM MASTER (2 positions)

Coaching and driving teams to great results is your motivation while working within an agile innovative and technological environment. Show leadership, identify and help resolve impediment and celebrate big when delivering added value with the team. Does this sound like your ideal workplace … contact us right now …

What we offer

Being able to develop yourself while having fun with a small team of professionals who challenge each other providing the best value for customers.

We do not have an outlined agreement. We adopt to your preference, your career goals and personal stage. Diversity is what we believe in and everybody has it’s own personal needs. Our business is a platform for growth and evolution to our customers and your career. 

 Be creative, expose and present yourself if you think you fit right in our team. We like to know your capabilities, what have you done and what your added value is to our team. We want to know what drives you what do you value in live. Rockstars know rockstars so feel free to connect if you already know a rockstar within our team. 

We only work with people direct so we do not respond to agencies proposing profiles, resume’s etc.